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Requisiti di sistema:
- Esclusivamente un computer desktop con un browser tra: Firefox o Chrome
- Webcam e microfono (necessarie per test finale in videoconferenza)
- Non Ŕ possibile seguire il corso tramite smartphone


The course covers all the topics provided in the Agreement State/Regions of 21/12/2011 for the general training of workers regardless of their role or the company sector. Training materials are developed in different formats such as videos and slideshow.


The course aims to provide basic concepts concerning health and safety at work.


Fundamental safety concepts (risk, danger, prevention and workers protection)
Risk assessment
Persons appointed to guarantee health and safety at work, their duties and rights
Health surveillance
Prevention Agencies
Workplaces (legal requirements, safety signals, practical advice, individual protection devices)
Fire prevention
Emergency handling
First aid


The course lasts 4 hours.


The system delivers training materials developed in a variety of different formats, including printable formats.


A «Presence monitoring system» is used. Such a system is activated at irregular intervals and the student is required to give some feedback within 60 seconds. In case of lack of feedback, the student is obliged to restart the video.


At the end of the course, a final test will be provided upon agreement with our organisational office. To receive a certificate of attendance, it is necessary to pass the final test.

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